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Tourism and Transport Forum Australian Transport Summit

Bicycle NSW represented at the Tourism and Transport Forum Australian Transport Summit

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Bicycle NSW Submission to Long Term Transport Master Plan Final

Bicycle NSW Submission to Long Term Transport Master Plan Final dated 27th April Click here to read submission

Changed traffic conditions on the Spit Bridge

The planned fourteen day period when the bridge will not open to marine traffic has been
postponed and will now be from Monday 14 May to Sunday 27 May 2012, inclusive. This is due to a
delay in equipment delivery. We apologise for any inconvenience.
Immediately prior to this work we need to fully close the road to deliver equipment. Once the bridge's lift
system has been upgraded we will again need to close the road to traffic to test the equipment. Click here for full details

Centennial Parklands safety improvement project

Bicycle NSW has prepared a submission to the Centennial Parklands Trust in relation to the proposed Grand Drive safety improvement project. There is considerable concern in the bicycle community over the proposals and we thank our Members and Bugs for their engagement in providing useful feedback to Bicycle NSW and also in sending well worded submissions direct to the Trust.

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A new approach to transport planning in NSW?

Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay are encouraging residents, businesses and community organisations to have their say on the future of transport in NSW, following the release of a discussion paper as part of the process to develop the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan.
The discussion paper will form the basis of community consultation to take place across NSW over the coming months (see list of locations below).
The Government hopes the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan will address key transport challenges that face the State over the next 20 years and put “the customer” at the centre of everything done in transport.
“The discussion paper examines key transport issues, challenges and opportunities for Sydney and the regions taking into account the need to support population increases, job creation, economic growth and land use strategies,” Ms Berejiklian said.
“We want the community’s views and their submissions to help identify the best way to deliver transport services and infrastructure over the next 20 years and we strongly encourage everyone to have their say.”

“Many Push On readers, some of whom have made submissions to government in the past, might be tempted to feel cynical about yet another round of community consultation. I have a high level of confidence that this time things will be different.
“The NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan Discussion Paper is primarily a response to NSW 2021 which at Goal 8 includes Targets and Priority Action to increase Cycling.
“Right upfront the discussion paper states that the NSW Government’s vision includes a transport system that needs to promote cycling and walking as vital in supporting the sustainability, amenity and efficiency of the overall transport sector. In addition it identifies Cycling Strategy as an integral part of Modal Strategies.
“The steps in the timeline towards finalising the master plan offer a once in a generation opportunity to contribute to a comprehensive and integrated review of our transport systems, not only in Sydney but throughout rural and regional NSW, to ensure that bicycle riding gets the support that is justified by the significant transport, health, environmental and economic benefits it can deliver.
“I encourage bicycle riders of all types and persuasions, Bicycle NSW Members and local BUGs to contribute to the discussion. A greater number and quality of submissions supporting bicycle riding helps to deliver more bicycle supportive outcomes in the plan. Your submissions don’t need to be long winded and complicated. Just a few sentences about the importance of bicycle riding as an option for you as part of the transport system and your constructive suggestions for improvements will help. In addition if you are able work with others to prepare a group submission so much the better. Don’t be afraid to be creative and ambitious in what you say – five years ago many people thought a separated bicycle path along Kent Street in the CBD was an unattainable dream – now it’s a reality!
“The cycling fraternity needs to be positive in working together with government to create a better environment for cycling. It’s no good just complaining about the current situation… to be most effective we have to provide positive solutions and suggestions.”
Alex Unwin, CEO Bicycle NSW

A Plan for all of NSW

The stated vision of the NSW Government is for “a truly integrated transport authority which drives better transport outcomes for the NSW community”.
The new integrated authority, Transport for NSW, will encourage everyone to have their say and be a part of a long term solution for public transport in NSW. An extensive consultation process aims to involve the whole state in the creation of a NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan.
The plan will identify a clear direction for transport over the next 20 years, building on current commitments.
The plan will identify the role of each transport mode in meeting future needs including rail, road, buses, ferries, cycling, and walking. The plan will also help develop a freight network that maximises the benefits to the economy.
You can be a part of this fresh approach – as a bike rider, your input is vital.
Elaena Gardner from BikeSydney notes: “The Discussion Paper clearly calls for enhanced provision for cycling. There are 28 instances of the the word ‘cycling’, and 7 of the word ‘bicycle’ in the Discussion Paper. No instances of ‘active transport’…
“Potential themes people might like to consider are: overarching planning philosophy, safety, integration of services, infrastructure, accessibility and social equity, innovation, the road is there to share, economic benefits, health, RTA/RMS, road speeds, what can we learn from other countries?, funding, bikes on trains/ferries/buses, the relationship between state and local government, short local trips, car dependency, population growth, telecommuting, price of oil, car addiction, price of oil, Greenway, City West Cycle Link, Harbourlink…”
NSW faces many challenges, such as population growth, increasing housing supply and the need to create more jobs. This growth places pressure on the transport system and that means NSW must plan for the future now.
There a number of opportunities to provide feedback – directly through the Transport Master Plan website ( and via the formal submissions process. Even “tweets” will be considered (#NSWMasterPlan)
Don’t keep you ideas to yourself.

Bicycle NSW CEO Alex Unwin recommends sharing your submission with other riders, your local cycling networks and/or your BUG. Alex welcomes anyone who wishes to share their submission with Bicycle NSW to simply email it direct to Alex at .

“Bicycle NSW will prepare a submission that will be posted on the website.

“Lots of pro-cycling submissions are important if we are to influence transport in our State.”

It is not often that those interested in riding a bike for transport get much input to any transport plan. Usually if bike riding is mentioned at all it tends to be a token statement at the end and never properly integrated with the other forms of transport.
If the current NSW Government is to be believed then it will be different this time. Those that ride bikes will be able to have their say before the final plan is complete.
Contributing local knowledge and practical advice is a key area for BUGs.
Bike North will be making a submission to the NSW Transport Masterplan and will be encouraging all of our members to do the same.
The more voices the more likely we will get what we are after.
Graeme Edwards, President of Bike North and Bicycle NSW Council, member Bicycle NSW Board.

The transport forum held in Coffs on Friday night was very worthwhile… If we can contribute constructive comments we will have to make a difference to their planning. Registration is easy via the transport website and they provide tea and coffee and it lasts about 2 hours.
Rick Mockridge, Coffs Harbour BUG
It was encouraging that every group at the Sutherland Forum saw active transport, and in particular cycling, as being important in solving congestion problems in the Shire. There were all sorts of people attending and the facilitators really listened to what we had to say.
Graeme Booth, SharkBike


Bay Run – Stage 5 – Thompson Street to Iron Cove Bridge

Submission close on Friday 30 March 2012.

The council has prepared concept plans to widen the combined cycleway and walking/jogging route from Thompson Street to the recently constructed ramp at the Iron Cove Bridge. This Stage of the Bay Run will see the substantial completion of the project.

The proposed concept includes:

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Centennial Parklands safety improvement project – your feedback is requested

Centennial Parklands receives more than 11 million visits every year - and this number is growing rapidly. Those who use the park come from many different areas of Sydney and visit the park for a wide range of purposes. Accommodating all the varied users requires careful planning and management to enable these many and varied activities to occur in a safe and harmonious environment.

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‘New volunteers day’ ride a big success

About 85 riders took part in the 'New Volunteers Day' ride between Sydney Harbour and the Cooks River on Sunday 26 February - signalling that the GreenWay campaign is going from strength to strength.

"We are ecstatic about the turnout which underlines the strong community support for this initiative," said Liz Locksley, convenor of the Friends of the GreenWay.

"We're very happy that we've gained some extra volunteers to take our campaign to the next step."

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Wollongong City Council Not On-board

The RMS Report-a-Hazard feature on the Bicycle Info website was set up to provide a one stop shop for people reporting cycling hazards.

Responsibility for road and path maintenance is shared by both State and local governments, creating confusion about who is responsible for attending to the hazard, “buck-passing” between organisations and lack of traceability experienced when attempting to report hazards. While a growing number of cyclists are aware of the Report-a-Hazard online system, some councils appear to be reluctant to become involved.

Wollongong City Council has advised that they prefer cyclists to report hazards to the council’s General Enquiries number during business hours rather than through the Bicycle Info website. It would be interesting and useful for future RMS consultative meetings to get an understanding of how cyclists feel about the system, which councils are on-board and if cyclists have seen any actions as a result of the online reporting system.

If you have any information to share please send it to me at

Contact your Council to find out if it is involved in the RMS (previously RTA) Report-a-Hazard program.


Media Release from Bicycle NSW regarding the Shane Warne comments

The debate over Shane Warne's comments on bicycles  is a reminder that all road users , be they cyclists, motorists or pedestrians should obey the road rules and be courteous to other road users, according to Bicycle NSW, the peak Bicycle Group in New South Wales.

Yesterday marked another day of celebration for cycling in Australia with the commencement of the Tour Down Under in Adelaide, this year involving Australia's first World Pro Team in Green Edge.

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