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Save Ryde Riverwalk

Ryde Council is planning to extend the Ryde Riverwalk along Parramatta River so that walkers, joggers and cyclists can travel in a car free environment from Meadowbank through to Banjo Paterson Park to join the pathway to Bedlam Bay.

It will connect Bill Mitchell Park to Looking Glass Bay via a boardwalk. The path will also connect to other cycle routes.

What a great idea!

BUT some local residents who live near to the Parks are trying to stop the extension of the Riverwalk.

They want to maintain their almost exclusive use of the parks, restricting access to public property. They are pushing their own agenda by monopolising public meetings.

You can make a difference!We just need to convince Ryde Council that the majority of locals want the Riverwalk.

More information about the Riverwalk is on the Ryde Council website at

If you want the Riverwalk to proceed you can register your support by completing the petition @


2 comments to Save Ryde Riverwalk

  • James Rose


    I’m a proud member of Bicycle NSW and a Ryde resident. I use the Ryde Riverwalk extensively, particularly for rides between Gladesville and Meadowbank. I must point out that the map that you have displayed here is totally incorrect. It does not display the route of either the existing Ryde Riverwalk or the proposed route. The correct routes are viewable on Ryde Council’s Riverwalk Masterplan, at this address:

    A number of residents of Gladesville, many of whom are cyclists like me, are currently engaged in consultations with Ryde Council on ways to extend the Riverwalk links through Gladesville without impacting on untouched rainforest and bushland, which is found in Glades Bay Park. Glades Bay Park is unique because it has never been developed. It is not only home to large populations of native birds and possums, but also very rare and extensive examples of Aboriginal rock art. Putting a major pedestrian and cycle route through this park will threaten these valuable ecological and cultural assets.

    I would love to see the Ryde Riverwalk extended, but I would hate for it to to come at the cost of such destruction.


    James Rose

  • Gerry Manderson

    The path you have represented as the Riverwalk, is totally misleading as much of the riverwalk is on public streets, and you have shown it closely following the river shore. The route can only be constructed on council land, being either streets, parks or reserves. The allegation that waterfront property owners are are denying the public access to the waterfront is again wrong, as is the statement that they are against the Riverwalk extension. They welcome enhanced walking and cycling tracks where they are built on council land, but fiercely resent any council proposal that builds an over the water boardwalk, that isolates their waterfront property from having direct access to the water, for which they have paid many tens of thousands of dollars. Nowhere in NSW has a council been allowed by Road and Maritime Authority, to build a boardwalk in front of waterfront private property, isolating that property from the water.