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Hand signals

Ross Lieber, via email would like to see a page with Cycling hand signals. It would be good for more riders to understand what they mean. Something similar to It may require a bit of research. I do not know the hand signals, but I would like to use them more, especially when going with rides with friends.

Response: The NSW government site provides a link to A Handbook for Bicycle Riders which “provides valuable tips on road safety, bicycle maintenance, road rules and the legal aspects of riding your bicycle”.

On page 29 this booklet says: “Hand signals help to tell other road users what you are doing and where you are going.

“You are required by law to give a hand signal when turning right or merging to the right lane.

“When signalling, do so about 30 metres before you turn or change lane position.

“Giving a hand signal does not guarantee your safety. Assess the actions of the other road users around you to make sure it is safe before turning or changing lanes.

“Special rules for bicycle riders

  • You may perform hook turns at intersections unless prohibited by sign posting.
  • You do not need to give a left or stop signal, or signal when making a hook turn.”

The Redhill signals you drew attention to are “bunch protocols”.

These can vary between groups and obviously the most important thing is that ALL members of the group are aware of and agree to use the SAME signals and calls consistently.

(Thanks to Phil Johnston from Muggacinos for his invaluable help on this.)


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