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11th Annual Pilgrimage to Southern Highlands for Passionate Hill Climbers

From 8th to 16th November BUG is holding its 11th Annual King of the Mountain Challenge from the pristine township of Berry in the foothills of the Southern Highlands.  Kangaroo Valley and Kiama access the ‘Bestest Cluster of Tough Climbs in NSW with 18.8km Jamberoo Pass and 5.5km Fountaindale Rd up Saddleback Mtn (with 2 x 17% sections) stand-out ‘Killer Climbs’.

Muggaccinos 1st Commandment is “Hills are your friends and mountains are your mates”. Scaling steep climbs is ‘Easy Peasy’ with a triple chain ring or at worst a compact crank (50T/34T) on the front and/or a long arm rear derailleur that will take a big cassette, say up to 32 teeth.

If you don’t have low gearing there are flatter rides around the coastline listed in The Bullsheet.

There are a few “pain-lovers” amongst Muggaccinos, as ten Muggs riders participated in its 2nd Tour de Conquer le Rhone Alps scaling all the famous ‘Cols’ and ‘Montagnes’ in the Rhone Alps, averaging just under 2,000 vertical metres climbing per day.

After two successful annual pilgrimages to Rhone Alps, last August Muggs participated in Tour de Conquer Italia – 18 days climbing in the Dolomites and Ortler Alps.

Three weeks before the pending 11th Annual King of the Mountain Challenge from Sat. 8th Nov to Sun 16th Nov, Organiser, Phil Johnston, had rec’d attendance confirmations from 31 keen climbers, albeit a few are more attracted to the leisurely pace of visiting the pubs and restaurantés in Berry ‘After Dark’.

Nearly all cyclists camp at the serene Berry Showground for a veritable pittance of $9 p/n where no bookings are req’d.  Accommodation is also available in a motels and B&Bs for the toffs.

If you fancy yourself as a hill climber and would like to tackle some of the 11 Climbs in their 9 day rides programme, even if you can only attend for a few days, the upper LHS of home page provides a direct link to the 11th Annual King of the Mountain Challenge invitation. Then you can e-mail from the ‘Contacts’ page to join the burgeoning throng or phone him on his mobile listed therein.


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