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What a well-deserved win!

Fiona Campbell of the City of Sydney Council (AKA The Bike Saint from MASSBUG) was awarded Professional of the Year at the 2015 Eco-Counter International Awards.

Eco-Counter promote active transport through the  development of automated pedestrian and cyclist counting systems.

“By specializing exclusively in bike and pedestrian applications, our team has developed the most innovative, quality systems available on the market. Eco-Counter produces a broad range of systems, each designed for different counting needs. Our products have been deployed all over the world: from remote hiking trails to the bike lanes of New York City.” said a spokesperson for Eco-Counter.

“Our solutions allow for accurate counting of pedestrians and cyclists in both urban and natural areas.”

The international jury chose Fiona for their award in recognition of her strong commitment to bicycle counting, as well as being a person who values the data and uses it to argue for better cycling infrastructure for Sydney. As a Manager of the Cycling Strategy for the City of Sydney Council, she also practices what she preaches and is an avid cyclist and cycle commuter.


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