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Rail Trails in NSW

The push to have rail trails installed on disused railway easements in New South Wales continues.

Rail Trails for NSW (RT4NSW) has been working for the last twelve months to have legislation in NSW altered to enable long unused rail lines to be utilised for uses that will benefit the community.  In every other state in Australia, New Zealand, and America, old lines have been revitalised for the use of bike riders, walkers, runners, horse riders, wheel chairs, enabling them to reap health benefits for themselves, as well as bringing tourists and money to the area.

Readers may be aware of the Fernleigh Track in Newcastle and say well that is on a disused railway line, BUT this was a private railway line, not a State Government line.
RT4NSW are having another push next month with a gathering at State Parliament on the 22nd March 2016.

The latest group hoping for a rail trail in their area is the Tumut-Batlow group.  On Saturday 20th February 2016 they had a launch of their proposal with supporters from various areas of the state attending.

The launch was not without drama though, as there was a strong contingent of “anti-rail trails” residents from the Gilmore valley in attendance outside the venue. It is hoped that with time they will be won over to the rail trail idea, which will bring much needed tourism to this locality which is slowing losing residents as work dries up in the area.

If you want to support RT4NSW, you can go to their website and make a donation, or just check out what they are hoping to achieve in New South Wales.


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