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Vale Wilf Hilder 1934-2011

One of BNSW’s earliest volunteers

Long, long ago in the very early days when Bicycle NSW was the “Bicycle Institute of NSW”, Wilf Hilder was a stalwart supporter of the fledgling organisation.
Wilf, also a keen bushwalker, railway- and map-enthusiast, spent his working life in the NSW Lands Department where he was instrumental in adding names to many blank spaces on maps of the Blue Mountains. In partnership with friend and fellow walker and cyclist, Jim Smith, author of the definitive pre-MTB volume “The Blue Mountains: A guide for bicyclists”, Wilf rediscovered several old walking routes in the Blue Mountains.
For BINSW, he led numerous Push On “Touring Calendar” rides in the late 1970s and early ‘80s. These were never about distance and/or speed, to the disappointment of some, but were all about discovery. Wilf was keen on finding useful routes for cyclists to get places while avoiding traffic and busy roads.
He compiled a “Commuter Routes” column in early editions of Push On and sought input from members. Wilf may not have realised just how much these columns inspired some of his readers to undertake their own explorations by bicycle.
Wilf Hilder is survived by his ex-wife Margaret, their two daughters and a son.
(from Neil Irvine)


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