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Dubbo "stimulates" cycling

Thumbs Up to Dubbo City Council who have used some of their Stimulus Package Funding grants from the Federal Government to extend a great cycleway along the Macquarie River at Dubbo. ...more
15 December 2009

Wonthaggi Rail Trail

Looking for a holiday with bike riding, scenery and history? Then head south to Victoria. ...more
18 November 2009

Hill End 3 Day tour

Dubbo BUG will run the Hill End 3 Day tour on the 7th, 8th & 9th November 2009. ...more
26 October 2009

Dubbo heads to Coona

A group of Dubbo riders travelled to Coonabarabran for the Warrumbungle Wheelers' yearly ride from Coonabarabran out to the Warrumbungle National Park. ...more
22 June 2009

Summer Riding in Dubbo

In Dubbo it can get very hot in summer, so Dubbo BUG president Mick Cooper organised a weekend ride around the Oberon region, where the temperature is normally 10 degrees or so cooler. ...more
18 February 2009

Tracker Riley Cycleway extended

Dubbo BUG is elated that their local council has allocated $350,000 towards the extension of the Tracker Riley Cycleway in Dubbo. ...more
20 January 2009

Rail Trail for Dubbo?

The last few months have been busy for riders with Dubbo BUG. A proposal to Dubbo Council to utilise a disused railway line at Dubbo as a Rail Trail has seen business interests take priority and the old railway line cannot be used. Not to be deterred, we are continuing our push to extend the current cycleway to run next to the railway line. Dubbo Council is supportive of our proposal and we have members on a working party. ...more
08 October 2007

News from Dubbo

Dubbo BUG has continued to prosper with good numbers for both the Wednesday afternoon and the Sunday morning ride. Club enthusiasm saw the purchase of riding shirts, which make us very visible on the road as well as promoting our group and Dubbo. ...more
06 March 2007

The lure of coffee in Dubbo

Dubbo Bug has had a successful year with regular weekly bike rides on a Sunday morning. ...more
04 December 2006

Building cycling in Dubbo

Dubbo BUG continues to build cycling in the Dubbo area, through regular rides, weekends away and working with the local council....more
23 August 2006


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